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Sakai, who was born in Hiroshima on the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city, holds the Olympic torch next to Greek actress Aleka Katselli during a rehearsal for the opening of the Olympic Games

The signs dot Tokyo as the host city prepares for the 1964 Olympic summer games.

The inaugural Women's Volleyball Tournament in the Summer Olympic Games was held during Olympic Games of Tokyo, from October 11 to October 23, 1964. Japan won the gold medal, with the Soviet Union and Poland taking silver and bronze, respectively.

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1964 Tokyo Olympics -- The Blue Impulse acrobatic team of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force form five colored smoke rings, each measuring 1,800 meters in diameter, over the stadium at an altitude of 3,000 meters at the end of the opening ceremony.…

This manner poster depicts a an Agemaki (a courtesan from the kabuki play "Sukeroku" reminding subway passengers to take their umbrellas when they leave the train.

This manner poster depicts Napolean Bonaparte holding a partially concealed train pass. The poster is reminding all passengers to clearly show their train passes to the station attendant when passing through the gates. The background represents a…

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics was seen as an opportunity for Japanese economic revitalization and modernization. The picture shows the various brightly lit advertisements and signs in Downtown Tokyo one year before the Tokyo Olympics. Emergent Japanese…
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