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This poster, which features Doraemon dressed as Santa, encourages Christmas and end-of-year drunks not to pass out on the train.

No Littering poster.jpeg
Manner poster with text: "The train bell is not a signal to litter. Let's keep the station belonging to everyone clean. Throw away cigarette ends in the ashtray."

Our Rival is 1964.jpeg
In light of the coming 2020 Olympics, the advertisement encourages a reflection back to 1964 for a greater sense of eagerness, happiness, and excitement.

Tokyo 64 (magazine ad) and Peace (packaging) were Japanese cigarette companies that used the Olympics to brand their cigarettes as respectable products of peace and excellence. Peace launched an Olympics promotional sweepstake where every consume…

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics was seen as an opportunity for Japanese economic revitalization and modernization. The picture shows the various brightly lit advertisements and signs in Downtown Tokyo one year before the Tokyo Olympics. Emergent Japanese…

This manner poster depicts Napolean Bonaparte holding a partially concealed train pass. The poster is reminding all passengers to clearly show their train passes to the station attendant when passing through the gates. The background represents a…

This manner poster depicts a an Agemaki (a courtesan from the kabuki play "Sukeroku" reminding subway passengers to take their umbrellas when they leave the train.

Tokyo 1964.jpeg
1964 Tokyo Olympics -- The Blue Impulse acrobatic team of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force form five colored smoke rings, each measuring 1,800 meters in diameter, over the stadium at an altitude of 3,000 meters at the end of the opening ceremony.…
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